About Us

Satori & Associates, Inc. is a small family owned business, based in a northern Atlanta suburb. Founded in 1974 by Bruce Satori, the company has been a pioneering little company in the small software development houses that predates the age of the personal computer as we know it.

Originally, the company was focused towards the IBM midrange computers of the era, the System 32 and later the 34 and 36 machines writing accounting software. Shortly after the startup, Bruce Satori entered into a partnerships that eventually became FSI, Financial Software Incorporated. This partnership lasted into the late 1970's when the bulk of the product line was purchased by Fannie Mae. Bruce, left and returned to Satori & Associates full time.

This period of time led to the creation of the original Satori & Associates system designed for the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees. By the late 1980's, Satori & Associates had a system running on IBM System 36 platform. That system was purchased by EPI, and Satori & Associates moved on to other projects.

It was during the early 1990's that the company made the transition from the IBM midrange computing platforms like the AS/400 and System 36 to the Microsoft Windows and PC platforms. Part of this effort was spearheaded by the addition of Andy Satori. During this period, the company diversified into several other markets, including some work that was sold in the retail market through a partnership with Stardock Systems.

As time went on, our old contacts in the Bankruptcy market started asking us if we were interested. At first we felt that we should stay away, having sold a product to a friendly competitor, but as time progressed, that sentiment changed. By 1995, we had begun building some of the pieces that would go on to become the foundation of our flagship product, TrustWin.

In 1997, we installed the first elements of what would grow to be the TrustWin System. Shortly thereafter, Andy Satori left to take a position in a DotCom startup, and Bruce continued the expansion of TrustWin. By the time the year 2000 hit, Bruce was still doing some limited contract work in addition to TrustWin. It was at this time that the company made the commitment to build TrustWin into a full system.

With that decision, Ed Satori, the oldest of the children, rejoined company on a full time basis. This addition enabled the company to expand it's customer base as well as add some features that were too expansive to implement without his valuable knowledge and experience. In 2003, the company added Marc Waring, our Support Specialist. In 2004, Andy Satori rejoined the company on a full time basis as well, and the company hit the mark of 20 trusteeships running our system.

Which brings us to the present. Looking forward, Satori & Associates looks to continue it's controlled growth, and limited diversification into other related markets. As always, we continue to focus our efforts upon building Systems, not Software...

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